LSIC at UNC Asheville

What do you need to know before coming to UNC Asheville?  Something that I didn't know until I came here was that although is is part of the UNC system, our university has a unique core curriculum.  As part of this curriculum, UNC Asheville requires its new students to take a Liberal Studies Introductory Colloquium course (LSIC). 

These courses cover a variety of interesting topics from " 'Bad' Science Fiction" to "Survival Skills" (two classes being offered this semester).  The LSIC courses are very useful not only because they push students to think about subjects they had perhaps never before considered, but because they help students get used to the way that UNC Asheville works.  The instructor of each course introduces students to resources that UNC Asheville offers students, such as the University Writing Center. 

When I came here last year, I took a course entitled "Exploring Censorship," which helped me consider various issues surrounding censorship and get into a routine at my new school.  My brother, a freshman this year, took "Bees and Bee Literature" last semester.  Not only did his class read such books as The Secret Life of Bees, but they also got to try their hand at the art of beekeeping!  New students should embrace the LSIC courses; they are fun and definitely worthwhile!


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