A Cappella Night

            As promised, on Friday night, my friends and I attended a joint performance by All Girl Staff and The Undertones (UNC Asheville's male a cappella group).  The concert was great!  For being a small school, our student body certainly has a lot of talent.  What I really enjoyed about the performances by The Undertones and All Girl Staff was that they were unpredictable and exciting.  Rather than confining themselves to renditions of oldies or modern pop songs, both groups took risks and presented a diverse range of songs (and stage performances). 

            During The Undertones’ first set, we were all surprised by a performance of “Man of Constant Sorrow” when the singer pulled on a fake beard and began dancing.  They also performed songs by Bon Iver and Iron and Wine, and gave a rendition of “Victoria” by Jukebox the Ghost that I thought was better than the original. 
            All Girl Staff also gave a wonderful performance.  Throughout both of their sets, I got the distinct impression that they were really having fun!  Some highlights of their performances include “Kaleidoscope Heart,” “No Air,” and “Shadowland” from The Lion King.  While AGS girls performed all of their songs very well, I thought “Shadowland” was by far the best performance of the night.  I could feel the passion these girls had for music and the time they’ve spent together. 
            In all, it was a great night.  We all enjoyed ourselves and left with high spirits, ready to tackle our exams head-on!    
"Soggy Bottom Boys"? 
A sweet duet

AGS and Undertones: joint performance

"Shadowland" was awesome


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