As my roommate and I briskly walked across campus to the gym in the Sherrill Center, we could not believe how hard the snow was coming down! 
It was coming down at such a rapid pace that by the time we made it indoors, our eyelashes were dusted with snowflakes, our dark jackets looked white, and our hair was damp from the melted snow. 
But no one was awake to see it... besides us and the few other souls who rose earlier than the sun around 6am. 
We were on a mission to get to spin class and no weather condition was going to stop us. 
As we walked through the parking lot, I snapped a quick shot of one of the cars. 

Snow Coming Down

So much snow and it wasn't even Halloween! 
But I'm getting ahead of myself... 
It was not as if one of the clouds had decided to spontaneously burst into a fit of snowflakes this morning, rather it all started yesterday. 
Yesterday is when the faintest of flurries began - so faint that you might not have believed your eyes due to the time of year. 
But there they were, being carried by the fierce wind - snowflakes. 

Due to the sporadic nature of yesterday's weather - I did not expect much of "snow" from yesterday to carry over to today.
Therefore it came as a shock when I stepped outside this morning. 
Then it came as a disappoint when I stepped outside for my 10:50am class and there was nothing dwindling in the air rather than some rain drops. 
The snow had been replaced by not flurries, but substances in closer relation to slushies. 
That was how the ground felt... slushy. 

Despite the rest of the day being that dreary half-snow, half-rain kind of day - I found comfort in the thought that it had snowed at least this morning, and I was awake to see it. 

For those of you who are wondering - my workout spin class was not cancelled. 
My teacher is very determined and said he will always come unless the university itself is closed - which he has only known to happen once. 
My roommate and I were joined by two other students - and that was the total number of participants in our class... our class of true troopers that as my roommate and I claimed "walked through pelting down snow for a mile, battling against the wind... all to come to spin class." (An over-exaggeration of course, but close enough.)

So rest assured fellow exercise junkies - that if you love to wake up before the sun does... the gym is open. 
When you wake up that early, that is when you see a side of campus that most people aren't awake to see... perhaps even snow. 

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Sing It Loud

Quickly scampering across campus through the cold rain, I made my way to Lipinsky Hall for the school's chorus concert.
I had a few friends singing, and would gladly trail through rain, sleet, or if necessary, snow.
Luckily for me, it was simply a nasty mixture of rain and cold wind.

As I entered the lobby, and looked up from unzipping my rain jacket, I was surprised to see just how many people had turned out - not only students, but also parents, grandparents, and others from the community.

Packed into the lobby with programs in hands, my friends and I, along with the mass of people, eagerly awaited the time for the doors to open so we could claim good seats.

The second row was the closest we could sit without being a part of the tech crew, but we filled that second row with enthusiasm and awe as the singers took the stage to serenade their audience.

The songs consisted mainly of show-tunes, such as "Cell Block Tango" from Chicago, but were delivered with such a fervor, the students and volunteer singers from the community - made the songs their own as the stage lights cast them into a glow.

The concert lasted about an hour and a half, but seemed to pass quickly due to the songs' abilities to transfix the audience.

As everyone left the theater, my friends and I scoped out our friends to congratulate them on a show well done and inquired when the next concert was.
The next concert should be around the winter holidays.

I cannot wait to see what they will do with the other numbers in the winter concert, such as a song from "Wicked."
But I know that time will continue to fly past, just as it is now, and the next concert will be here before I know it.

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Short Distance

A 10 minute walk. 
A short bus ride. 
An easy car ride, if you find someone with a car on campus.  

Regardless, getting into town is simple and easy.

Tonight my friends and I ventured off to the nearby CVS, bought some Halloween supplies and then decided to get food during our trip.

We headed into "Urban Burrito", which is located in a little food complex area next to CVS.
The food complex has a bakery, breakfast place, pizza, ice cream, all separated into individual little shops.

Upon entering Urban Burrito, I could not help but smile at the laid-back ambiance it had.
It was a nice break from my usual big city chain Mexican restaurants back home.
The employees greeted my friends and I with smiles, and some were even UNC Asheville Students!
One of them had recognized me from yoga.
The size of UNC Asheville is great because it is small enough that you recognize certain people, but large enough that you do not know everyone after the first day.

After receiving my food, my excitement only went up when I saw how large the portions were for under $10!
Not to mention all the options I had, such as whole wheat tortillas, etc and even Mandarin oranges on a burrito!

Regardless, Urban Burrito is a must stop-by for students looking for an easy and cheap bite that holds that true "at home Asheville" vibe.
Not to mention the great view the restaurant complex has...

After the main dinner course, we headed downstairs to "The Hop" ice cream shop.
Once again, upon entering its doors, you feel as if you have been going there since you were a kid.
Better yet, UNC Asheville students get a discount!
Hello homemade ice cream with a discount.

Immediately when I glanced at the menu I saw "pumpkin" and knew I had to get it.
It is fall of course.
The ice cream did not disappoint.

So with good food in our stomachs, smiles on our faces, and Halloween goodies in hand, we made the walk back to campus.
It was a short walk filled with singing through the neighborhoods and waving at students who live in the student apartments near the edge of campus.

Later tonight is the much anticipated Sigma Nu Halloween party.

Fall is in full swing around campus.

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Late Night Library

I glance up from my homework temporarily to check out the time on the clock.


It surprised me that my roommate had stayed up this late, offering a change of pace from her usual 10pm bedtime.
I knew though that soon enough she would rise from her desk and go to sleep.
Before that could happen, I grabbed my homework and decided to make my nightly trek to the library.

Although there are study rooms on each residence hall floor, the library offers a place for me to do my homework with others present, so that I know I am not the only one awake.

Thankfully, the library is open until 1am on weekdays.

As I brace myself against the cold breeze upon stepping outside, I make my way to the quad and then the library.
My path is lit by emergency button stations and lamp-posts.

As I walk along the sidewalk and hear the crunch of leaves beneath my feet, my eyes wander to the side and begin to stare at my destination.
Like a beacon in the night, the library appeared illuminous against the night sky.

After I finally made my way up the library steps, through the enromous double doors, and into the lobby, I headed to the back area on the left side of the library.
Although there are a plethora of sitting options in the library, such as desks for multiple people, large individual study cubicles, small individual study cubicles, couches, and small lounge chairs; I headed back to one of the group desks rarely used in the back corner.
There were a few people in the back corner besides myself, but the area is off-set from the normal flow of people immediately coming into the library, whether they were perusing books or sitting down to study.

I continued to work diligently on my homework until the annoucement was made that the libary would be closing in 15 minutes.

Then it was time for me to make my trek back across campus, and return to my residence hall.

As I took out my one-card to unlock my residence hall entrance and present my student ID to the resident assistants, I anticipated my much needed sleep.

*(After 8pm, the resident assistants sit at a table in each residence hall and ask you to show your student ID for extra safety measures at night. They remain there until about 5am.)

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Only In Asheville

As the early afternoon fall breeze rushed past me, reddening my cheeks, I continued my walk towards the quad.

I ventured off to sit under one of the trees, and looked around for inspiration for my art project. 
As my mind trailed off I laid back into the leaves covering the ground, and I gazed up into the tree tops. 

My eyes wandered, glancing at the few people out on the quad at this time. 
It was a nice break from the usually busy quad life. 

As my eyes continued to wander, I began to stare at the piles of leaves. 

Leaves seem such a mundane part of life, that they are constantly overlooked, especially once they float down from their tree limbs. 
But if you really take the time to look at a leaf - they are quite detail orientated. 

The way their colors can vary from numerous shades of warm colors. 
Their veins and the paths they choose to take. 
How some parts of the leaf are flat, while others are raised. 
The lines themselves are complex, such as the basic shape of the leaf. 

All of these attributes inspired me to pursue these leaves for my art project. 
So without hesitation, I grabbed my sketchbook, planned a few things out and decided I needed to gather some of the leaves to include them in my piece. 
I called my friends to help me out. 

Only in Asheville does three girls gathering leaves from the quad not look completely insane. 
Which is a wonderful fact because it means that I do not need to worry about suppressing my artistic vision. 
Perhaps if I was somewhere else, I would have been too bashful to gather leaves in the quad. 
But that is why UNC Asheville is so great, you can do what you want to pursue, whether it is the art involved in the leaves or the science. 

Regardless, if you want to gather leaves in the middle of the quad. 
You go for it. 

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Fall Is Now Among Us

As the season of fall whisked onto campus...

Campus Outlook

There was a deeper sense of change beyond the leaves, or the wind.
It was finally the time of year where the pace of students milling around campus seemed to slow down and everyone accepted transitioning into an unofficial new part of school.

This "unofficial new part" was the looming fact of a new semester - meaning figuring out new class schedules, studying for exams, and any other homework task possible.
So despite the change of walking pace, students are continuing to maintain that internal drive.

Waiting In Line For Cookies

As a reward for keeping this internal drive and as a commemorative ceremony for the maple trees, every year a ceremony is held called "The Turning Of The Maples."

Cookie Tray

It is a ceremony that is meant to correlate with the... well, turning of the maples.
The celebration takes place in the quad, where students are able to be surrounded by the picturesque trees while eating ginger snap cookies shaped like leaves, and drinking piping hot apple cider.

Cookies And Cider

This year, it was a great break from my day to see everyone sitting in the quad, treats in hand, with a smile on their faces.

Besides students eating cookies under colorful maple trees between classes...
There have also been frequent campus tours lately.
A few of my younger friends have come to visit during these dates to see my school's campus, and I encourage you to do the same!
Come see what UNC Asheville is all about - especially times like these when the beauty is only augmented.

As the leaves change their colors and transition to a new part of the year, I believe we should too, and absorb the relaxation it presents - especially here in the mountains. 

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Hello Bulldogs, and Bulldog Lovers

Hey UNC Asheville blog readers!
I just wanted to introduce myself because I will be blogging for you guys for awhile, keeping you posted on anything and everything UNC Asheville; things that you want to hear if you are a student, a prospective student or a curious parent.

My name is Madison Olle and I am a freshman here at UNC Asheville.
Due to my age - the college visit, application, and acceptance process still feels fresh in my brain.
I remember when my mom and I were looking at schools, we would always look at their websites, and check out their social sites, such as a blog.
You can tell a lot about a school that way.

Therefore, I will make sure you have the information that will help you get a feel for UNC Asheville, and the city Asheville, without having to make a physical trip.
Of course, if you love what you see and read, come visit!
If there is anything you want to know about, feel free to leave comments or email us.

What do you want to hear? 

It could be anything from what is the class rigor like, to what food was served in the cafeteria on Tuesday. 

You decide. 

Regardless, I will keep you informed.
In addition, I love to take photographs, and will implement them as much as possible into my posts.
So if there is ever a day where you do not feel like completely reading a post, you can still capture UNC Asheville's essence through photographs.

For instance, here is a photograph taken during a study session of mine.
As I completed my homework on a balcony in one of the buildings, I could not help but take in the view.

Studying With Scenery 

Here's to a great school year filled with blogging! 

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