Study Abroad at UNCA

For those who have the resources to do so, studying abroad is an invaluable college experience.  Several of my friends have gone abroad, studying in Costa Rica, Italy, Peru, and throughout the EU, and all have felt that their experiences abroad have helped them grow as individuals and as members of the community.  One of the best things about UNC Asheville is that it offers many study abroad programs for students to choose from.  The lengths of these programs can range from one semester to a year, or for those who have limited time or funding, just one summer (approximately 6 weeks). 

Essential to the study abroad experience is the assistance of the Study Abroad Office.  The staff of our Study Abroad Office is fantastic.  They are knowledgeable and friendly and are willing to work closely with students to help them find the program that best suits their needs.  I myself am hoping to study abroad in South Korea this summer, and have sought the help of the Study Abroad Office as I plan my trip.  For anyone interested in studying abroad through UNC Asheville, the Study Abroad Office is holding a study abroad fair on Thursday.  Come on by to see the opportunities UNC Asheville offers for study abroad! 

When: January 20, 2011; 12-3 PM
Where: Karpen Hall, Laurel Forum

Here are some pictures from UNC Asheville students' study abroad trips (taken from the UNC Asheville Study Abroad website):



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