Highsmith Union Food Court

Today, I had lunch at one of the three dining spots on campus, Highsmith Union's food court.  Many students enjoy eating at the food court because it offers a quick and convenient alternative to a seated meal at the cafeteria.  The Highsmith food court offers students the option to choose from several food stations, sandwich and salad alternatives, and frozen and dry goods (for now, or for later).  Among the food stations (which offer mainly fast food options) are Coyote Jack’s (offering hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, French fries, etc), Panini Fresca & Trattoria (serving ‘pizza, calzones, spaghetti, etc), and Salsarita’s (offering tacos, burritos, nachos, etc).  For those inclined to enjoy a more healthy lunch, there are a variety of soup, salad, and sandwich options.  In addition to all of these choices, the Highsmith offers a sort of “grocery stores” for students.  There are several freezers full of frozen goods; and a variety of cereals, granola bars, and various other snacks that students can purchase for later. 
Something that I really appreciate about the Highsmith food court is that their “brand” of takeout sandwiches and salads, “Outtakes to Go,” is always trying new things.  For example, last semester, I tried a shrimp salad croissant full of ingredients that I would never have put together.  They offer a number of inventive puddings and whimsical snacks.  Yesterday, my roommate brought back a little container of celery, raisins, and peanut butter-perfect for creating ants on a log, a classic childhood treat.  Students can pay for this food with our “Munch Money,” or part of the meal plan that basically puts “cash” on our student cards to be used to pay for items from Highsmith food court, Ramsey Café, and even meals in the dining hall. 
Basically, it is impossible not to find something that you like at Highsmith.  Check out these pictures for illustrations of what this dining space has to offer!  

At the Highsmith food court, students can dine in a large, open room, while gazing at one of the largest recreation of Raphael's School of Athens in the world.  It's a perfect blend of academics and fun! 


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