When Zombies Attack

According to author Max Brooks, it's only a matter of time before we find ourselves face to face with a major zombie attack.  And while his books can be found in the humor section of your local bookstore, his work should not be taken lightly.  Best known for World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, Brooks is indeed a zombie expert.  He came to UNC Asheville tonight to share with the community what he knows about zombies and ways that we can prepare to face them when they inevitably attack.

An engaging speaker with a witty, sarcastic, and somewhat morbid sense of humor, Brooks shared with us some of the following points regarding zombie invasions:

1.    Don’t fool around when it comes to weapons.  Guns are impractical because how many bullets can you realistically carry with you?  Go back to the basics:  buy your weapons from the nearest hardware store. 
2.    Guns need bullets and cars need gas, and eventually, you will run out of gas.  And even if you have a hybrid, that car will only get you twice as far before you empty your tank.  So, unless you can find a car powered by fear, you need a bike.  Bikes are easy to maneuver, require no fuel, and are reliable modes of transport perfect for any zombie attack.
3.    You need a plan.  Decide well in advance of a zombie invasion where you will go to escape them and whom you will take with you.  You will want to go somewhere far from major cities, somewhere where no one wants to go, somewhere where the climate is inhospitable.
4.    Make sure you choose carefully the people with which you will live in this wilderness.  You need people with whom you can easily get along, and people with different skill sets to ensure maximum odds of survival as a group. 
5.    Zombies can come from anywhere.  They will find you.  Be wary.  Watch the news and make sure you know what is happening globally.  If you hear of anything suspicious, brace yourselves for the possibility of an imminent attack. 


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