Fine Arts Theatre

Hello everyone!  Has it really been a week since my last blog update?  Things have been pretty crazy lately, what with finishing finals and moving back home, and of course, celebrating the beginning of the summer vacation.  Today, my friend Leslie and I enjoyed our first days of freedom in downtown Asheville.  After a brief cold snap, we were happy to welcome today's warm weather, and decided to spend the afternoon basking in the beauty of our little city.  When we got tired, we made our way to Asheville's Fine Arts Theatre, and cooled off while watching Jane Eyre.  This little theatre is known to host independent and "artsy" films, and is a nice alternative to the larger movie theatres around town.  The Fine Arts Theatre has two screens, located either on ground level or upstairs, and seats a surprising number of people for its relatively small size.  Because this theatre is so small and because it is rather "vintage" in appearance, the Fine Arts Theatre is a very popular destination for young and old audiences alike, and of course, offers a great way to escape the heat, cold, or rain.  Be sure to check it out if you're in town over the summer!  This is the last post that I'll leave for a while--I'm studying abroad in South Korea this summer, but I will be sure to drop a line when the fall 2011 semester begins.  If you have any questions in the meantime, be sure to post it on the UNC Asheville Admissions Facebook page!   Have a wonderful summer, everyone! 


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