This is one my favorite times of the year, not necessarily for the turkey or cranberries, but because the gingerbread houses are back at the Grove Park Inn!  Perhaps you read my first post about the gingerbread houses from 2010.  If you aren't familiar with the Grove Park Inn's gingerbread competition, here's what it is in a nutshell:  contestants from around the country submit 100% edible gingerbread houses for judgement at the historic inn here in Asheville.  The entries are displayed throughout the GPI until January 2012 for the public, as well as guests, to view for free.  Usually, my family likes to make trip to the Grove Park Inn on a Sunday in November or December, but this year, I went with one of my roommates.  We had a blast wandering around the beautiful inn, examining the gingerbread houses, and enjoying the warm atmosphere.  Are you curious about which houses stood out the most to us?  Check it out below, or if you're in the area, swing by the GPI to see for yourself~


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