Pumpkin Chunkin'

What did you do this weekend?  I can guarantee you that my weekend was weirder.  Every year, my roommate and her family hold an event that has come to be known as the "Pumpkin Chunkin."  On the day of this event, we gather at my friend's house for food, friendship, and throwing pumpkins.  What do I mean by "throwing pumpkins?"  Well, several years ago, my roommate's father built a huge trebuchet.  They use this trebuchet to launch things (mostly vegetables, I think) into their field, trying to hit a specific target.  Since they have a lot of land and a general spirit of fun and adventure, any time they decide to break out the trebuchet, there is bound to be a small crowd of onlookers.  

The Pumpkin Chunkin' was on Saturday after the men's soccer game.  We carpooled to my roommate's house in Brevard just in time to begin feasting on the smoked pig her father had prepared, as well as other delectable dishes, including a variety of veggies, salads, and desserts.  While we were eating, our hosts brought out their potato gun.  Can you imagine that the family who built a trebuchet in their back yard would have a normal potato gun?  Exactly.  This potato gun is a huge, vacuum powered machine that has a pretty powerful kickback.  It's taller than I am, and it's a pretty interesting experience just seeing someone shoot it.  However, because it was not the highlight of the evening, we soon abandoned the gun for the trebuchet.  

While it was still light, we sent a few pumpkins flying from the trebuchet into the field where, upon impact, they exploded in orange chunks.  When evening fell, we set the pumpkins on fire and launched them.  Because I was so awed by the sight of the orange ball of fire against the night sky (and even more so by the subsequent fiery explosion in the field), I did not much pay attention to how they were able to safely light the pumpkin and throw it.  Needless to say, this was a pretty spectacular experience.  Although I've seen my friend's family throw pumpkins before, the flaming pumpkins were entirely new to me, and quite amazing to witness.  it's too bad that my post-graduation plans will take me far from Asheville because this is something I wouldn't mind seeing over and over again.  I took some pictures of the event, not that they can even begin to come close to what the experience was really like.  Enjoy!   


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