Inside The Kress Emporium

So one thing I love about Asheville is that there are so many local crafters and artists in residence here.  I really enjoy seeing their work for sale or on display around town--I love art, so it never gets old!  Because it's almost impossible to encapsulate all of the places you can go to view or purchase their art (due to the huge number of locations around town), I thought that for now, I'd focus on one place in particular that I enjoy visiting and bringing out of town guests.  Last week, I mentioned the River Arts District, a really fun place to see local artists at work, and this week I'm writing about The Kress Emporium, located in the heart of downtown Asheville.  This historic building houses and sells the artwork, about as diverse as possible, of about 80 local artists.  I visited today and took some pictures to share with you.  Enjoy! 



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