A Weekend Of The Arts

It was early Friday night as I filed into Lipinsky auditorium, thinking that I would be taking an auditorium seat with other peers and parents, as we gathered for the female and male a cappella group performances. Yet, as I entered through the doors, I was surprised to see that the show would take place in the lobby, and there were more than enough people attending to fill the lobby. Between the microphones, wires, and people the lobby was packed.
My friends and I scrambled for some seats - but then decided it would be better to sit on the floor in the front row, then on chairs in the back.
We had come to support our friends, and we were going to make sure they saw us.

Although we had come to watch the female group, the male group was just as entertaining.
They both sang tunes that audience members could enjoy, no matter their musical preferences, such as melodies from musicals or new chart-topping pop songs.

It never ceases to amaze me how a cappella groups cannot only manipulate their voices for singing, but also to act as the instrumental backgrounds.

The weekend of singing then ended tonight with the "Winter Chorus Concert."
The concert consisted not only of chorus singers, but also the band and orchestra - each with their own performance slot.

The music was not limited to only holiday tunes, but encompassed anything the performers had worked on, that they wanted to share.
For instance, the band played part of the soundtrack from the video-game "Zelda."

Regardless, the performances did not disappoint.

The concerts this weekend were a good way to spend the weekend before exams.

Speaking of upcoming exams, an event that I cannot wait for this week is a free stress relief session taking part of Tuesday from 12pm-2pm in the grotto.
The event includes free 10 minute massages, giveaways, and much more.
It will be a good way to unwind between study sessions.


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