It Has Started

It has officially started...

It's the end of the semester and we have begun the dreaded exams that test our knowledge of what we have learned.
And as I walk around campus it's apparent that everyone is trying to remember all of the information that they have accumulated in their notebooks this semester.
From people in the residence hall study lounges to the tables at the Highsmith student union, I was not aware that so many people went to my school.

Yet despite all the stress and pressure... there is somehow a good feeling in the air.
The feeling that by finishing an exam, we cannot only say that we accomplished what we were fearful of, but also that we are closer to earning our winter break.

Our faculty is consciously aware of all these feelings, and are making the best possible efforts to make our lives easier.
For instance, yesterday was the school-wide "reading day," meaning no classes and no commitments, other than a day dedicated to studying, and for most - catching up on sleep before exams.
Sleep is such a crucial aspect, but what most people are not aware of is that it is not only the sleep the night before an exam that is important, but also two nights before.

Regardless of sleep, people are continuously hitting the books hard.
Tonight, as an opportunity to recuperate from the first day of exams, and all of the studying for the remaining exams, there is a free breakfast session tonight in the cafeteria at 8:30pm.
At this breakfast, teachers volunteer their time to serve the students food!
It's a time for the students to unwind with a few laughs.

No matter, how hard students are hitting the books, they always find time to relax a little.
Whether it is working out, grabbing a bite to eat with some friends, or watching a movie - remember to relax a little because stress kills, and you want to make it to winter break!


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