The Difference Between Loving Or Hating A Class


That is one of the main secrets of either loving or hating a class...
They have the power to either make you enthusiastic about coming to class every time or not.

My teachers this semester have gone above and beyond in making me want to come to class with their attention to my individual questions, eagerness for me to understand the material, engaging lessons, and so on.

I will admit that I am not a fan of math or science because the subjects come harder to me than others... yet this semester one of my favorite classes is actually a physics class called "Light and Visual Phenomena" with Professor Michael Ruiz.
Not only is his enthusiasm and passion for physics nice to see, but it is also contagious.
He puts the material into terminology that is relatable to everyday aspects of life, without losing the academics of the concepts.
With an easy to use website loaded with videos, demonstrations, activities, and short questions to check your comprehension - it is simple to keep up with the material.
Yet if you do not understand the material, just like all of the teachers here at UNC Asheville, they have office hours in which you can ask questions, set up an appointment, email, and so on.

The math department even has an open lab area with teachers to help with assignments when needed.
This will be a great help to me with my statistics class this semester.

With UNC Asheville's attentiveness to the individual student, it's easier for me to keep up with the material in my classes, no matter if it may originally appear as a daunting challenge such as math or science.

This semester, I walk into physics with an eager smile on, ready to learn about why light appears differently, such as in this photo I took one day.


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