Time for Class Registration

Returning to campus from spring break, a weeklong break in which everyone is meant to catch up on rest, perhaps get some sun, and overall relax. Yet as everyone sets foot back on campus, our rested glows may remain, but they are now accompanied by the return of daily routine, filled with classes and work. But despite this renewal of classes, summer vacation dawns in the future as a guaranteed promise. Although summer, or even spring seems far due to the brisk chill of the weather outside; looking at a calendar and counting the weeks makes it all seem close.

Midterms may have just occurred, but already the school has fallen into preparation for next year; reading emails about registering for classes, attending job fairs concerning future jobs or summer internships. So as the summer approaches, so does more plans.

The halls are filled with people discussing what courses to take next year; whether or not they have fulfilled all their requirements to graduate or not. Having enough courses to graduate at UNC Asheville is a major factor because as I have mentioned before, due to UNC Asheville's status as a liberal arts school, everyone has to take a little bit of every subject. This means every student must take core classes, such as math, foreign language, English, and so forth. Yet it takes more than just simple groundwork to create a well-rounded liberal arts student. Every student must also declare one cluster out of a list of many. A "cluster" in its simplest definition is a way for UNC Asheville to group courses together based on students' interests. Each cluster includes sciences, natural sciences, and others; asking students to chose one class from each heading to total three in one cluster. For example, my roommate is currently completing classes from the "Poverty and Human Capability" cluster; but there are countless areas of interest.

Here are some links to describe more in detail examples of courses: 

Now you might have seen the name "DegPar" and wondered what it was, but did not click on it. DegPar is this wonderful computer tool for students. The free program allows students to see lists of courses they need to take, to not only graduate, but also graduate with an intended major. DegPar allows students to run through "what if" scenarios... "what if" I want to be a literature major, what kind of classes would I be taking? DegPar allows you to see a list, and it takes your past courses into consideration to see if you have already unconsciously fulfilled a requirement.

Making sure you are a well-rounded and balanced student at UNC Asheville is a huge concern. But given the right tools and faculty advisers (everyone has an adviser), planning your class schedule does not need to be stress inducing. UNC Asheville wants you to feel comfortable, not only in your courses, but in preparation for them also.


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