Bike Adventures

We had it all planned out.
My two friends and I would rent bikes on campus, our student benefits allow us to rent bikes for free, that would give us the bikes for one week.
With the bikes we would bike downtown to the bakery "Dough" Saturday morning.
The next day we would do volunteer work downtown for the Earth Day Festival, then enjoy dinner off-campus before biking back.

Saturday went great.
My roommate and I successfully navigated and survived the hills on Merrimon Avenue in order to devour our delicious baked goods breakfast.

After our appetites were satisfied, we biked to the nearby CVS, and back to campus - all of this was deemed our workout for the day.

Saturday night, we decided to leave the bikes on campus and walk to "Luella's BBQ".
It was only down the street from campus and the weather was gorgeous for the weekend.
As usual, "Luella's" did not disappoint, and my vegetarian friend loved her BBQ tempeh!

Dessert was some delicious ice cream from "The Hop", which is a local ice cream shop that serves only home-made products, and is owned by an UNC Asheville alum.

Then as Sunday morning rolled around, my friends and I decided to leave campus early enough in order to give ourselves enough time to bike up any hills on the way to downtown.

We walked in and window-shopped countless stores that I had never really even seen.
These were on Lexington, and I mainly walk around the main part of downtown near Merrimon.

We checked out the clothing stores "Virtue", "Minx", and "Mia".
Along with the arstsy mixture shops of "Kringle Candle Company", and "Cosmic Vision" that included clothes, candles, sculptures, along with adorable knick knacks.
Finally we browsed the adorable bookstore of "Downtown Books and News", I do not think I have ever been in a bookstore that feels more like an enormous home library rather than a store; this is most likely due to where I am from because we only have commercial bookstores near my house.
With all of this said, these stores were amazing.

My friends and I got lost in the sea of colors the stores had to offer, between the colored clothes, candles, books, and countless incense options - we were all taken back.
The best thing was that they were all a stone's throw away from one another so we did not have to go searching for other stores to look through.

Once hunger finally set in, we knew of our "usual" spots, but wanted to try something different, and decided to start walking and see what we came upon.
We wandered onto Patton Ave and saw "FarmBurger".
None of us had been there before, and decided the menu looked delicious.

My friends and I ate every last bite of our food.
I had gotten a chicken sandwich with countless delicious and local toppings, while my other friend got a burger.

There were also vegan and vegetarian options.
The thing that really differentiated this burger place apart from so many others was the amount of information you were given.
Most people do not like thinking about what they are eating, especially when it comes to meat.
However, here they told you the benefits of eating meat, especially when it was all natural, like theirs is.
As I said before, all delicious.

At this point, we were full and the sun had finally tired us out.
So we walked back to our bikes, and sailed back to campus.
Although the bike to downtown is kind of uphill, the ride back is a breeze.

The gorgeous new spring weather motivated us to plan weekend trips to utilize the free bikes, and go on all of these adventures, it all worked out in the end.


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