Sunday Snow Tubing Trip!

Although the snow may have melted away from campus, that did not stop some students and I from finding some more snow elsewhere to continue our snow-time adventures.
As you can tell from some of my other blog posts, I am a huge fan of our campus recreation resources on-campus. They have great facilities, group exercise classes, intramural sport teams, club sport teams, weekend trips, day trips, and information lessons. 
This past weekend my friend and I took advantage of a morning snow tubing trip with campus recreation. The trip was only $25, it covered transportation, instruction, and equipment. 

We drove out to Mars Hill and were astounded by the amount of snow still on the ground! The sun hadn't touched parts of it, and there was way more than 7 inches. But it was no longer freezing cold. In fact, it was nice in the sun, and you didn't need to bundle up like an eskimo. Perfect snow tubing weather. 

The location was a local business where it seemed everyone knew everyone. The employees were super friendly, and that added to the experience because they showed my friends and I tricks on the tubes, how to go faster, the best way to ride over a ramp to get air, and other fun things. 

I think my friends and I did every possible move there was to do on a snow tube... we tucked our feet in, laid on our belly, shared a tube by both sitting in it, and we even went off ramps! 
College students are just little kids that try looking cooler... sometimes. We will never turn down ice cream, the chance to sing, or the opportunity to run around snow tubing for 2 hours.
UNC Asheville gives us the chance to let our inner kid run wild while our adult mind grows in intelligence. 

Perfect Form

Wild Jump

By the time we drove back to campus early that afternoon, we were worn out. Despite finally going back to class the next day, after days of cancelled classes, the smiles and laughs from snow tubing still remained. 


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