The End of the Snow-pocalypse

It seems all traces of snow have finally melted away.

3 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches... some even said 12 inches.
The estimates of how much snow we would have on-campus last week was the talk of the school, and the area. We had almost 7 inches in some areas!

It began Tuesday night.
What seemed like little harmless snow flurries began to drift down out of the sky...
Then before you knew it, you looked up and those flurries became globbed masses of snow.
Working the Highsmith information desk, people think you know something that everyone else doesn't. People would whisper like it was a secret of the highest security clearance, " are classes for tomorrow cancelled yet?" Whether this question was asked on the phone or in person, I answered it all in the same half-laugh way, "I wish I knew. But I'll find out when you do through the website or email. You can call the snow-line though." Then I would read them the number and direct them to that portion of the site.
Here is the snow-line information in case you're curious:

Luckily the snow did not disappoint, and the beautiful white flakes covered everything in reach.
Although classes were cancelled and campus was gorgeous in the snow, people were still moving around just as much as always.
With this said, campus was not shut down completely. Students in residence halls, such as me, were still able to get hot food in the cafeteria and other places on campus.
The workers on campus did a phenomenal job of keeping all the pathways clear and ice-free to prevent slipping and falling. It seemed like the workers were outside around the clock, plowing, spreading sand, melting ice; I applaud and thank them, just as all of campus does.

Everything looks more beautiful in the snow, even though the spring will be fast approaching.

Mills Residence Hall

Founders Residence Hall 

West Ridge Residence Hall
Soccer field view of Governor's Hall and Overlook Residence Halls

Snowy Quad
Spring Quad


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