Art in the Library

One thing that I love about the library is that it there is so much great art to distract us from studying!  On the first floor, there is a small art gallery that displays art created by UNC Asheville students or community members.  I wanted to write a post about the most recent exhibition, "Transformatin through Displacement," becuase the paintings, by Emily O'Brien, are beautiful.  Here is a short video I made from photos I took of the exhibition.   

Emily O'Brien: Biography
Emily is a UNC Asheville graduating senior, who will receive her Bachelor's Degree in art and French this December.  A native of Silver Spring, MD, Emily transferred to UNC Asheville in January of 2008 after taking a year off to help out in post-Katrina New Orleans.  She first heard of the university from a group of UNC Asheville students who had come down to volunteer during their spring break. 
Earlier this year, Emily was thrilled to learn that she had won the Joseph W. Yedlicka Award from the National French Honors Society.  This award permitted her to study French and Art History at the American University of Paris for several months over the summer.  Her entire senior series, Transformation through Displacement, is a product of this wonderful opportunity to be submerged in the French-speaking world for the first time.
Although her future plans are uncertain, Emily will move to Europe after graduation in order to master her fluency in French.  Pursuing her career as an artist is part of her plan as she embarks on this adventure.


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