Let it Snow!

Well, it's official: we have snow!  On Sunday, the snow was simply blowing around without a thought to sticking to the ground.  However, we were excited to learn on Monday morning that Jack Frost had changed his mind and had sent enough snow to cause a late start on the last day of classes.  When I woke up this morning, I discovered that the snow had decided to stick around for a little while longer.  Luckily, today is Reading Day (tomorrow is the first day of exams-yikes!), so we did not have another delayed start, although Asheville City Schools were actually closed today.
Although it might be inconvenient for commuter students and faculty, I think the snow was an awesome surprise.  Just a few weeks ago, we were wearing light jackets or even shorts around campus; now, people are bundled up against the stinging winds.  This kind of weather really gets me in the mood for Christmas.  Despite the fact that tomorrow at 8 AM I will be sitting my first exam, with the snow, I feel as though I could be at home baking cookies!  Because I would love for the snow to stick around a little longer and make exams more bearable, I checked the forecast, and was disappointed to learn that we are probably not going to have more snowfall in the next few days.  Instead, it looks like the weather will be cold and sunny, but warming up to a whopping high of 52 on Saturday.  Oh well.  We still have a long winter ahead of us!     
Good luck to everyone on exams! 

 The soccer field was covered!
A view of the track from my dorm


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