Campus Study Spots

With exams winding down, I thought it would be approrpiate  to share the best study spots on campus.  Now, there are some places to study that are more suited for group studying (socializing areas, if you will).  These places are generally comfortable and easygoing, and lend themselves naturally to minimal work and maximum discussion.  Other areas are more austere, and are best for individual research and serious, quiet concentration.

Here we have the library, first floor.  While this may seem like one of those serious study areas, don't be decieved.  Becuase it is on the first floor near the circulation desk and writing center, talking is permitted, and becuase talking is permitted, this becomes a more social area.
 On the third floor of Highsmith Student Union, couches and tables make it possible to share a snack (from home or purchased from the "food court" on the first floor of HSU) and work on projects simultaneousely.
Couches in the Commuter Student Lounge (again, on third HSU) provide comfortable seating for group discussions, reading, or movie-watching for those so inclined.  
 In the main area of this study lounge are couches and tables which are great places for club meetings, group work, etc. 
Another view of the 3rd HSU study lounge.
On the second floor of HSU, there is a small study area that is better suited for individual work.  However, becuase it is in Highsmith, there is a lot of "traffic," which can be distracting.  Be sure to bring headphones!
This is one of the coolest, or should I say warmest, places to study on campus.  Attached to Cafe Ramsey on the first floor of the library is a little greenhouse full of tropical foliage and tables.  When I am in here, I generally see people working alone or in pairs and  working on a cup of coffee or a smoothie from the cafe.  This is a great place to warm up when it's cold outside and to study in a more "exotic" environment.
As you enter the basement of the library, the studying gets more serious.  Although there are larger tables here, group work is conducted relatively quietly.  (Coincidentally, this is also what the third floor looks like)

For those interested in more strictly individual studying, there are lots of these desks available in the basement and on the third floor.

A closer view of the study cubicles.   
On nice days, the quad is an awesome place to study and relax.  Unfortunately, today the quad looked like this:

On another note, I also saw these snowmen today: 

This little guy is adorable--classicly UNC Asheville

This one, on the other hand, is probably the scariest snowman ever.


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