Art Front Members Exhibition

This evening, my friend and I attended the opening of the Annual Art Front Exhibit in Highsmith Gallery.  This exhibition, featuring works selected from active Art Front members, and curated by Art History students, was awesome.  Art Front member Katie Johnson told me that the exhibit is not only a way for members to showcase their work, but is also an opportunity for students to practice the skills they will need when they enter the “real world” after graduation.  For example, students were involved in locating and reserving the gallery, selecting the works to exhibit, configuring the lighting, and practicing a number of other logistical and technical skills necessary to their future careers as artists or curators.  

Some of my favorite pieces from this exhibition included the potato chip couch, which really made me feel like a “couch potato;” the giant crane hanging from the ceiling; and the photo booth complete with a Polaroid camera.  This interactive part of the show enabled visitors to take photographs of themselves, which they could then carry away with them after the show, or stick to the gallery wall with a thumbtack to become part of the exhibition, part of the art. 

Some of the featured artists in this show include: Jason Adams, Dona Barnett, Sara Bernardi, Delaney Brown, Melanie Carrick, Erin Fussell, Andrew Johnson, Katie Johnson, Molly Jones, Kat Knutsen, Giedre Krulikas, Carly Powell, Jason Rafferty, James Stickney and K. Blair Ward.
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This show is open in Highsmith Gallery (located on the first floor of the Highsmith Union) from 9 am to 6 pm every day.  I would strongly encourage anyone on campus to check it out; it’s even worth a visit if you are so inclined.  

 One of the strangest pieces; If you look closely, you can see that each jar contains a different meat! 

 My friend Autumn and my suite mate, Christine, with Christine's photography 

 The interactive photo booth was a very popular part of the show

Autumn and I pose beneath the bird


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