Grove Park Inn

On Sunday, my friends and I took a little trip to the Grove Park Inn, which is literally right down the road from the UNC Asheville campus (probably less than a 10-minute drive).  You might remember a post from last November about the gingerbread houses on display here around Thanksgiving. Even without the Gingerbread houses, the Grove Park Inn as worth a visit any time.  Its unique architecture, beautiful views, spa, gift shops, and restaurants offer local Ashevillians a chance to experience the hotel without actually having to stay there. 
Now, being college students, we didn't exactly treat ourselves to a day at the spa, or dine out! Rather, we had a lot of fun simply wandering around the hotel grounds, chatting, and enjoying the beautiful fall weather together.  The architecture of the GPI is quite beautifully suited to its natural surroundings, so we all noticed that the hotel went beautifully with the reds and golds of fall.  If you're going to be in the Asheville area in the next few weeks, why not stop by and take a self-guided tour of the inn?  Check out this beautiful Asheville landmark for yourself, and enjoy autumn in Western North Carolina! 


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