Pumpkins for Sale

As I was heading home for Fall Break, I noticed that one of the churches close to UNC Asheville has put out their fall pumpkin display/sale.  This made me very happy because it means that fall is definitely here!  With Halloween just a few weeks away, and the leaves on the trees vibrantly read, you can really feel fall in the air.  It's wonderful.  If you're in the area and looking for some beautiful pumpkins to take come and carve or, if you're feeling bold, cook/bake with, why not stop by Grace Episcopal Church on Merrimon Avenue and pick up a few pumpkins.  If you're a student here, I would recommend getting your pumpkin here because not only is it easily within walking distance of campus, but the proceeds will go to helping the children of Haiti.  Here are a few pictures of our visit to the pumpkin patch.  I love autumn~


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