Lost and Found

Last night, I left my keys on the shuttle bus that runs from my apartment to campus.  Riding the last shuttle of the day, I got off and left my keys on the seat.  Of course, when I realized my mistake several hours later, I was in a panic.  I usually try to be careful with my possessions, and this was my first time losing something so important.  I realized that this would be another practical and helpful topic for the blog, so today I’m going to tell you what to do if you lose something on campus.

There are two main places to report something as lost: Highsmith Union and Campus Police.  I first called Highsmith, and was told that because I left my keys on the shuttle (not on campus), I should report the missing item to Campus Police.  I was transferred to Campus Police, who were so helpful and reassuring.  I filed a missing item report, and hung up feeling calm.  Highsmith is also a very good place to look if you’re missing something.  I lost my phone in Highsmith a few years ago, and someone turned it in to the lost and found at the information desk on the main floor.  I mentioned that I had lost it, was asked to describe it, and got it back all on the same day.  A few semesters ago, a friend lost her student card on the way from class to her residence hall.  When someone found the ID card in the woods, he turned it in to the student worker at Highsmith, who contact her and returned the card.    Bottom line, the best places to start looking for lost items are Highsmith Union and Campus Police.

Highsmith Union: 828.251.6990

Campus Police: 828.251.6710 

Now, some of the computer labs on campus have their own lost and found areas.  Because so many students and faculty members filter in and out of these places, particularly Karpen and New Hall, many personal items are often left behind there.  If you believe you’ve lost something in one of the computer labs, the best thing to do is to go there and ask the lab assistant for the lost and found from the day.  My friend left a flash drive in the New Hall computer lab, and found it in the lost and found there.

Finally, I’d like to address the issue of leaving things on the shuttles, something that probably happens to many students, since the shuttles run from 8 to 5, serving a large number of students living in the areas around campus.  Last night, I e-mailed the shuttle service (BARCS) office to notify them of my missing object.  This morning, I called at 7:30 to double-check that my message had been received and my item successfully reported missing.  The person who assisted me in my search was extremely helpful and kind.  He radioed the shuttle drivers and asked them to search their respective shuttles for my missing items.  Luckily, I was able to recover my keys this morning: crisis averted!


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