Tea for Two

Due to my misfortune of catching whatever bug has been going around campus these days, I've been a bit under the weather as of late.  Apart from taking hot baths, ingesting "cherry" flavored medicine, snarfing down cough drops, and of course getting a lot of sleep, I have found that drinking hot tea has been helpful in shaking off this sickness.  For my birthday last fall, I received a coupon to Dobra Tea, which is nestled among the Lexington Avenue shops in the heart of downtown Asheville.  Yesterday, I dragged myself out of bed and finally used the gift, hoping that the hot tea would sooth my tender throat.  Now, like many other students, I enjoy visiting Asheville's various coffee shops and cafes to do work or meet friends, so in writing about Dobra Tea, I am not forgetting about these places, all of which offer delicious beverages (including tea) and snacks.  However, to my knowledge, Dobra Tea is the only tea house in Asheville, at least in the downtown area, and is crazy about its tea.  I am writing this post to share one aspect of the Asheville cafe scene that I have recently enjoyed and know that visitors will also find interesting and fun.  
This having been said, I'll briefly describe the experience.  Yes, the tea did help relieve my aching throat and sooth my cough.  The atmosphere inside also helped me relax and feel calm.  I ordered a pot of plum tea, which is a black Chinese tea flavored with some spices and tasting very sweet.  My friend ordered rooibos tea, and we shared a small piece of baklava.  Despite it being a Wednesday night, many of the tables around us were full of people chatting, reading, or doing work, all while enjoying a leisurely cup of tea. What a sweet, tasty way to spend a rainy Wednesday night.  Below are some pictures..enjoy! 


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