Vantage Point

You may remember the post I wrote last year covering the MMAS 10th Annual Juried Exhibition or the art on display in the library.  When I wrote these posts, I was so excited to see the artistic talent of our student body, and this post is no different.  Our school has a strong art program, and so attracts a lot of talented students eager to share their skills and energy with the UNC Asheville community.  The exhibition currently on display in the Highsmith Gallery is entitled "Vantage Point," and contains a number of awesome pieces, concepts, and ideas.  I know I've said this before, but if you are an Asheville native, I strongly suggest making a trip to campus for a bit of art appreciation.  The exhibition, although small, contains a number of interesting, fun, and well-executed pieces that made me smile and engaged my imagination.  Unfortunately, I missed the opening reception for the exhibition, but I was able to check it out and snap a lot of photos for the blog.  "Vantage Point" will be available for viewing until February 8, so there are still a few weeks left for you to enjoy the vibrant talent of our students.  Can't make it? No sweat.  Your loyal servant, I've included pictures of my favorite pieces, so you can take a virtual tour here.  What do you think? Leave a comment below! 


 This ceramic puzzle was possibly my favorite piece.  Below, I've included photos of the different ways the puzzle may be solved..


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