Food Trucks: El Kimchi

Last week, while I was driving home from work, I noticed a food truck parked at a local restaurant that caught my eye for a number of reasons.  First, I hadn't seen many food trucks in Asheville before, and second, this truck is called "El Kimchi," which, if you've been keeping up with this blog, interested me because I'm a big fan of Korean food.  Upon further investigation, I found out that El Kimchi seems to be a recent upstart, and sells both Korean and Mexican cuisine at various locations around Asheville.  Since this is my first real contact with a food truck, I am finding the excitement of its ever-changing locations quite a treat.  On its official Facebook and Twitter pages, it posts several times a day where it will be parked, and seems to take location suggestions from customers eager to indulge their taste buds.  If you want to know where to get your fill, you have to check their social networking pages for the surprise location.  Since I love surprises and Korean food, the combination of the two proved too delightful to resist, so today, my friend and I found out where the El Kimchi truck would be parked from 11 to 2 pm, and headed over to West Asheville to grab a bite for lunch.  We enjoyed some chicken and pork rice bowls and the daily special, goon mandu (군만두, dumplings filled with tofu and veggies), and got to know the owners a bit.  The food itself was great, especially the dumplings.  What a delicious afternoon!  


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