Homecoming 2012

As of 12:30 this afternoon, the celebrations for this year's homecoming events have officially begun. Today, students were able to enjoy a 500 pound ice cream sundae courtesy of local ice cream parlor The Hop, whose owners also happen to be UNCA alumni.  I can't think of a snazzier way to get Homecoming 2012 off the ground, can you?  Events today conclude with the "Nearly Naked Mile" at 9 pm.  The rest of the week is punctuated with basketball games, tailgating, dance performances and dancing, and much more.  The men's basketball games, Alumni Art Invitational Exhibition, and Homecoming Dance in particular seem really exciting, and would definitely be worth the trip for any UNC Asheville alum.  (Actually, just seeing the changes to the campus itself would be worth the visit.  Witnessing the new Kimmel Arena, for example, would be an amazing experience for anyone used to our old Justice Center court!)  If you're neither student nor alumni, you can still participate in some of the events on campus.  Check out the homecoming parade, which runs through campus, or buy a ticket to the third annual "Go Hard or Go Home" step show ($3).  If you would like to see a more detailed list of the homecoming events on the horizon, I've posted the link to the Homecoming 2012 webpage.  Take a look!  Hopefully we'll see you soon!  

Homecoming 2012 Master Schedule


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