Grove Arcade Vendors

One of the drawbacks of living in Asheville for an extended period of time (or in my case, your entire life), is that there is the danger of taking for granted the artistic community thriving here.  For example, I have grown so accustomed to seeing the vendors tending their booths outside of the Grove Arcade (the area is formally called the "Portico Market") that when I walk past these days, I hardly pay them any attention. However, last weekend as a friend and I exited the Grove Arcade, a display of beautifully painted T-shirts caught our attention.  Although we were not necessarily interested in the more "usual" wares offered by some of the vendors (magnets, jewelry, tie-dyed garments, etc), the unique images from this particular seller stood out.  We approached the vendor and chatted with him about his designs and the process behind creating his merchandise.  In the end, we bought two shirts at a slight discount.  The artist told us that the shirts can be washed like any normal shirt, and that the design will last for many years.  I love the simplicity of the designs and the colors used to create them!  What do you think?  

Interested in visiting the Portico Market and seeing what its vendors have for sale?  Check out the official webpage of the Grove Arcade for more information. Weather permitting, the market should be open every day of the week.  

Want to see more shirts like the ones we bought?  You could check out artist Jordy Williams's Etsy shop here, but I recommend taking a trip downtown!  There's nothing like the comfortable atmosphere of the market to brighten your day.  


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