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Because I write about myself so much on this blog, I thought it would be useful to share a glimpse into the lives of some other UNC Asheville students.  So, I have decided to periodically invite students to share a description of their daily routines or interests, to be posted here.  The inaugural guest blogger is my friend Nicky.  Nicky is also a senior, and majors in marketing.  Here is what her typical day at UNC Asheville looks like.  

"A typical day for me includes waking up around 7 am. I am a marketing major so I usually have a few business classes in the morning. I just finished my last season on the university’s tennis team so I like to find other ways to stay active. Right now I am taking ballet and modern dance, which I love; and I also regularly attend the Sherrill Center’s group fitness classes.
Part of the reason why I chose marketing was because it is very interrelated with the fashion industry. I find the field to be very inspiring and creative so I would like to become a professional fashion stylist. Last year I started my own personal blog on that I try to update regularly. This week, in light of the recent one-year anniversary of the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan, I blogged about a picture of myself in this beautiful pink silk kimono that I hope will remind people of what a significant moment this was for Japan and what we can do to help resolve these challenges of humanity.
In the afternoon, I may have another class or work. I am a Spanish tutor for UNCA, I work for the Athletic Department as a videographer, and try to volunteer with local magazines and photographers as much as I can. This usually keeps me pretty busy but on weekends I love to walk around downtown, take some pictures for my blog, and get a bite to eat with my family and friends."

Have any questions about the marketing program here?  Leave a comment! 

Check out Nicky's awesome fashion blog here


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