Haunted Trail Trip with My RA

Every floor of every residence hall has an RA, which is short for Residential Assistant.
Some large floors, such as ones in Overlook residence hall have two.
RAs are students whose job it is to help their residents with campus questions and maintain their safe living conditions. Rather than acting solely as an authority figure, they are also supposed to be able to be approached as a peer. The most apparent way for RAs to gain peer openness on their halls is by organizing events and hall meetings. 
For instance my hall theme is Candyland, so our first event tied into the idea that if we achieved certain tasks on campus, we would gain points similar to the board game, and ultimately be able to win prizes. 

Last night my RA, Hallie Banish, decided to team up with another RA to organize an event that would celebrate the approaching spooky holiday of Halloween. 
The trip consisted of a meal at Cookout and then a haunted hike at Pinhead's Graveyard in the mountains of Asheville. Transportation was provided by the RAs, you only needed to bring your own money for food and the trail - a great deal considering my friends and I do not have cars on campus. 

My friends and I all bundled up tight against the night's brisk air on the mountain trail. Before we prepared to have a good scare, we all enjoyed milkshakes along with other various treats at Cookout. 
Then we all climbed back into the cars for a 20 minute car ride to an area of the mountain where there were no street lights, only winding roads sprinkled with dim lights from houses. 

Then as we turned one bend, we saw the Pinheads sign... the blood red font seemed to drip off the sign that was dimly lit by a light from overhead. Before crossing the gate into the trail, the guys in the group puffed out their chests with fearlessness and tenacity; while the girls, including myself and my RA, huddled together like sheep, trying to find solace in the group mentality, avoiding being stuck on the ends of the group for the unease that comes with being jumped out at by characters of nightmares. 

A little while later, we all made it out unscathed. 
We all agreed that it wasn't as horrifying or bloodcurdling as we thought it would have been, allowing the girls and I some relieved laughter while the guys complained about wanting it to be longer. 

Although the trail itself was not tear-inducing or had us checking behind our backs us as we left, it didn't matter that much. 
What did matter was that my RA along with another one, joined forces to bring my friends and I, along with other residents, a fun Halloween event that allowed us to get off campus and have some laughs! 
The trail didn't need to be that scary for all of us to still have fun hanging out together and getting to know new residents from school in the group. 

We may not remember what ghoulish character jumped out at us first from behind a foggy tree... 
But we will remember how funny it was when the masked man flaunting his chainsaw did not make my friend, Brian, so much as even flinch. 

RA sponsored events such as these are one of the many perks of living on campus, and being able to join a group of peers for a fun night out.


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