Out and About On Campus

While I have been absent writing about campus, I have been experiencing campus events to their fullest. 

Over the past few weeks some things I have done include: 

Attended numerous environmental science seminars educating myself and fellow peers about humans' impacts on the planet, not-for-profit work, and much more. 
My favorite was Groundswell International: Agroecology - Cultivating an Alternate Future for People and the Planet
In this seminar, numerous speakers from around the world spoke of environmental issues threatening their communities such as sustainable farming, seed dispersal, local women's education to aid towns in third world countries, and so forth. Alumni hall in Highsmith was packed to say the least; the room was filled with not only environmental majors, but also students from economics, sociology, psychology, and anyone curious in general. 
My favorite speaker was from Ecuador because she spoke only in Spanish and needed a translator. I loved the fact that she spoke only in Spanish because I am currently practicing my Spanish to eventually study abroad. 

Successfully survived midterms, projects, and presentations alike... 
It is safe to say that every teacher wants you to value their class like it is your only class. 
They will not assign you impossible amounts of homework, but the homework they do assign, they expect you to do beautifully. For instance one of my teachers expects our essays to be "pages of artful prose, making an airtight argument..." 
It is easy to complete assignments with numerous resources available such as the writing center, which helps students compose papers. 
There is also the library and its website to search topic resources. 
Asking teachers and tutors for help is also an easy task because they are both easily approachable; reasonably sized classes of about 18 to no more than 30 allows each professor to know you by name. Most of my classes have about 18 people in them. 

Assisted freshman friends with planning their classes for next semester. 
Looking back to when I was a freshman planning my schedule without the help of my orientation leaders, I was not scared but rather paranoid that I would forget something or be unprepared. 
Every student has a faculty advisor, but you only have one meeting with them before registration opens; meaning you must be prepared for the meeting with any questions you may have. 
Of course you can schedule more than one meeting if needed, but it is easier to complete it as soon as possible. 
Nonetheless my sophomore peers and I assisted some of our freshman friends in the process of checking their required courses, advising them on good classes to take, which professors will meet their learning style as a student. 

Welcoming in fall and all of its glory... 
Between counselor events for alcohol awareness month, club meetings, Halloween preparations, and much more - campus has been bustling. 
There are countless events coming up in the rest of October such as the annual Sigma Nu Halloween party, Celebrating Madison County event (authors, artists, and such come to campus to speak), panel discussions concerning alcohol safety, and Halloween events taking place in the student union.



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