Tasty Treats Near Campus

When your stomach grumbles 
and the café will not suffice. 
And your sweet tooth beckons 
for something with ice...

Your feet should carry you
up and down the street
to Urban Burrito and the Hop 
for a nice treat. 

There are countless yummy food options within an easy walking distance of campus, such as Luella's BBQ, Circle in the Square Pizzeria, Urban Burrito, the Hop, Rise n' Shine, and Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company. 
For all of you fellow vegetarians looking for something with some flavor, do not fear because all of these restaurants, even Luella's BBQ have vegetarian options. BBQ tempeh anyone?

All of these eateries are enticing in their own way, my close friends and I having tried all of them before. Yet some other friends of mine had not tried Urban Burrito or the Hop, so we decided it was a night for new things. 

The walk there always seems rather short when venturing with friends to chat with. 
The food also helps make the walk worth it. 

As I entered Urban Burrito with my friends, I told myself I would try something new... 
Maybe a "Greek" quesadilla that was stuffed with feta cheese and spinach, or a burrito filled with jerk tofu? All of these various options from chicken to tofu, and plain tortillas to jalapeño flavored, is perhaps why the restaurant has the word "urban" in it - because it goes beyond your stereotypical walk-in Mexican restaurant. 

Yet when it came to be my turn to order, I froze and ordered my usual. 
A whole-wheat tortilla filled with black beans, rice, cheese, guacamole, and sour cream with a side of chips. 
May not have been the most original meal - but their salsa shakes things up. 
Lime pineapple, jalapeño hot, mild... take your pick.

After my friends and I finished our Mexican cuisine, we headed down the stairs of the complex to the ice cream shop, the Hop, which is owned by an UNC Asheville alum. 
All the flavors, vegan options included, are homemade and UNC Asheville students receive a discount when they present their Onecard student ids. 

The names of flavors were written all over the glass showcasing the ice cream containers... 
Ones we have come to see in every ice cream shoppe to ones that call for another glance. 
Butter pecan. 
Blueberry kale. 
Aztec chocolate. 

I chose two scoops - one chocolate and one pumpkin, to celebrate the coming of fall. 
Meanwhile, my friend picked a brownie accompanied by scoops of ice cream and decorated with whipped cream.

After a long week, it was nice to end on such a sweet note.


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