MMAS 10th Annual Juried Student Exhibition

Tonight, I attended the opening reception for the Multimedia Arts and Sciences program's  10th Annual Juried Exhibition.  Unlike many other exhibitions that I have attended, this one was extremely hands-on, and since it featured works by two friends, it was also very exciting!  In addition to several "traditional" works on display, there was also an abundance of pieces that required viewers to manipulate and interact with them, something that was fun for both old and young members of the community.  Although I thoroughly enjoyed the entire show, my favorite pieces were the stop motion animation films.  Having tried my hand at stop motion animation on several occasions, I know that the process is time-consuming and laborious, so I appreciated seeing high-quality stop motion animation that was whimsical and entertaining. 

The exhibition, open in Highsmith Gallery from 9 am to 6 pm (and Sundays 12 -6 pm) will only be held for a week (ending on April 15), so anyone who is in the area and interested in learning more should visit as soon as possible!  It is an awesome exhibition and definitely worth the visit to campus.  If you cannot make it, please enjoy the pictures below!

This is the first piece that I saw when I went to the exhibition; it was just outside of the gallery.  It's a bit difficult to explain, but basically the viewer puts on a pair of glasses and moves around while wearing them.  A camera somehow wired to the glasses makes the black shape move with the person.  The mechanics of this one is clearly a bit over my head, but still very cool.

The stop motion films were displayed on several Macs around the gallery.

 (It was awesome.)

 I'm not sure exactly what this is (check it out for yourself!)

Here is my friend Autumn interacting with one of the most interesting pieces 

 This was the physical manifestation of a digital work.  I believe the point of the game was to help people learn about our world by exploring different statistics pertaining to various countries around the world. 

Two awesome photographs by my friend Christine. 

I especially love this one.

 You might not be able to tell from this picture, but this was one of the most entertaining programs.  The viewer basically chooses his or her current emotion (left) and interacts with the corresponding images (in this case, dots, in the colored box. 

I was unable to capture this picture well enough to do it justice; this is best in show in the category if digital prings, and is called "Radiohead."

Last, but certainly not least, my friend Kyungmin with one of his pieces

 Close-up: letterhead, business card, and envelope design for his future company.

Kyungmin also designed the poster for the show.


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