Hello Bulldogs, and Bulldog Lovers

Hey UNC Asheville blog readers!
I just wanted to introduce myself because I will be blogging for you guys for awhile, keeping you posted on anything and everything UNC Asheville; things that you want to hear if you are a student, a prospective student or a curious parent.

My name is Madison Olle and I am a freshman here at UNC Asheville.
Due to my age - the college visit, application, and acceptance process still feels fresh in my brain.
I remember when my mom and I were looking at schools, we would always look at their websites, and check out their social sites, such as a blog.
You can tell a lot about a school that way.

Therefore, I will make sure you have the information that will help you get a feel for UNC Asheville, and the city Asheville, without having to make a physical trip.
Of course, if you love what you see and read, come visit!
If there is anything you want to know about, feel free to leave comments or email us.

What do you want to hear? 

It could be anything from what is the class rigor like, to what food was served in the cafeteria on Tuesday. 

You decide. 

Regardless, I will keep you informed.
In addition, I love to take photographs, and will implement them as much as possible into my posts.
So if there is ever a day where you do not feel like completely reading a post, you can still capture UNC Asheville's essence through photographs.

For instance, here is a photograph taken during a study session of mine.
As I completed my homework on a balcony in one of the buildings, I could not help but take in the view.

Studying With Scenery 

Here's to a great school year filled with blogging! 


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