As my roommate and I briskly walked across campus to the gym in the Sherrill Center, we could not believe how hard the snow was coming down! 
It was coming down at such a rapid pace that by the time we made it indoors, our eyelashes were dusted with snowflakes, our dark jackets looked white, and our hair was damp from the melted snow. 
But no one was awake to see it... besides us and the few other souls who rose earlier than the sun around 6am. 
We were on a mission to get to spin class and no weather condition was going to stop us. 
As we walked through the parking lot, I snapped a quick shot of one of the cars. 

Snow Coming Down

So much snow and it wasn't even Halloween! 
But I'm getting ahead of myself... 
It was not as if one of the clouds had decided to spontaneously burst into a fit of snowflakes this morning, rather it all started yesterday. 
Yesterday is when the faintest of flurries began - so faint that you might not have believed your eyes due to the time of year. 
But there they were, being carried by the fierce wind - snowflakes. 

Due to the sporadic nature of yesterday's weather - I did not expect much of "snow" from yesterday to carry over to today.
Therefore it came as a shock when I stepped outside this morning. 
Then it came as a disappoint when I stepped outside for my 10:50am class and there was nothing dwindling in the air rather than some rain drops. 
The snow had been replaced by not flurries, but substances in closer relation to slushies. 
That was how the ground felt... slushy. 

Despite the rest of the day being that dreary half-snow, half-rain kind of day - I found comfort in the thought that it had snowed at least this morning, and I was awake to see it. 

For those of you who are wondering - my workout spin class was not cancelled. 
My teacher is very determined and said he will always come unless the university itself is closed - which he has only known to happen once. 
My roommate and I were joined by two other students - and that was the total number of participants in our class... our class of true troopers that as my roommate and I claimed "walked through pelting down snow for a mile, battling against the wind... all to come to spin class." (An over-exaggeration of course, but close enough.)

So rest assured fellow exercise junkies - that if you love to wake up before the sun does... the gym is open. 
When you wake up that early, that is when you see a side of campus that most people aren't awake to see... perhaps even snow. 


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