Short Distance

A 10 minute walk. 
A short bus ride. 
An easy car ride, if you find someone with a car on campus.  

Regardless, getting into town is simple and easy.

Tonight my friends and I ventured off to the nearby CVS, bought some Halloween supplies and then decided to get food during our trip.

We headed into "Urban Burrito", which is located in a little food complex area next to CVS.
The food complex has a bakery, breakfast place, pizza, ice cream, all separated into individual little shops.

Upon entering Urban Burrito, I could not help but smile at the laid-back ambiance it had.
It was a nice break from my usual big city chain Mexican restaurants back home.
The employees greeted my friends and I with smiles, and some were even UNC Asheville Students!
One of them had recognized me from yoga.
The size of UNC Asheville is great because it is small enough that you recognize certain people, but large enough that you do not know everyone after the first day.

After receiving my food, my excitement only went up when I saw how large the portions were for under $10!
Not to mention all the options I had, such as whole wheat tortillas, etc and even Mandarin oranges on a burrito!

Regardless, Urban Burrito is a must stop-by for students looking for an easy and cheap bite that holds that true "at home Asheville" vibe.
Not to mention the great view the restaurant complex has...

After the main dinner course, we headed downstairs to "The Hop" ice cream shop.
Once again, upon entering its doors, you feel as if you have been going there since you were a kid.
Better yet, UNC Asheville students get a discount!
Hello homemade ice cream with a discount.

Immediately when I glanced at the menu I saw "pumpkin" and knew I had to get it.
It is fall of course.
The ice cream did not disappoint.

So with good food in our stomachs, smiles on our faces, and Halloween goodies in hand, we made the walk back to campus.
It was a short walk filled with singing through the neighborhoods and waving at students who live in the student apartments near the edge of campus.

Later tonight is the much anticipated Sigma Nu Halloween party.

Fall is in full swing around campus.


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