Late Night Library

I glance up from my homework temporarily to check out the time on the clock.


It surprised me that my roommate had stayed up this late, offering a change of pace from her usual 10pm bedtime.
I knew though that soon enough she would rise from her desk and go to sleep.
Before that could happen, I grabbed my homework and decided to make my nightly trek to the library.

Although there are study rooms on each residence hall floor, the library offers a place for me to do my homework with others present, so that I know I am not the only one awake.

Thankfully, the library is open until 1am on weekdays.

As I brace myself against the cold breeze upon stepping outside, I make my way to the quad and then the library.
My path is lit by emergency button stations and lamp-posts.

As I walk along the sidewalk and hear the crunch of leaves beneath my feet, my eyes wander to the side and begin to stare at my destination.
Like a beacon in the night, the library appeared illuminous against the night sky.

After I finally made my way up the library steps, through the enromous double doors, and into the lobby, I headed to the back area on the left side of the library.
Although there are a plethora of sitting options in the library, such as desks for multiple people, large individual study cubicles, small individual study cubicles, couches, and small lounge chairs; I headed back to one of the group desks rarely used in the back corner.
There were a few people in the back corner besides myself, but the area is off-set from the normal flow of people immediately coming into the library, whether they were perusing books or sitting down to study.

I continued to work diligently on my homework until the annoucement was made that the libary would be closing in 15 minutes.

Then it was time for me to make my trek back across campus, and return to my residence hall.

As I took out my one-card to unlock my residence hall entrance and present my student ID to the resident assistants, I anticipated my much needed sleep.

*(After 8pm, the resident assistants sit at a table in each residence hall and ask you to show your student ID for extra safety measures at night. They remain there until about 5am.)


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