Fall Is Now Among Us

As the season of fall whisked onto campus...

Campus Outlook

There was a deeper sense of change beyond the leaves, or the wind.
It was finally the time of year where the pace of students milling around campus seemed to slow down and everyone accepted transitioning into an unofficial new part of school.

This "unofficial new part" was the looming fact of a new semester - meaning figuring out new class schedules, studying for exams, and any other homework task possible.
So despite the change of walking pace, students are continuing to maintain that internal drive.

Waiting In Line For Cookies

As a reward for keeping this internal drive and as a commemorative ceremony for the maple trees, every year a ceremony is held called "The Turning Of The Maples."

Cookie Tray

It is a ceremony that is meant to correlate with the... well, turning of the maples.
The celebration takes place in the quad, where students are able to be surrounded by the picturesque trees while eating ginger snap cookies shaped like leaves, and drinking piping hot apple cider.

Cookies And Cider

This year, it was a great break from my day to see everyone sitting in the quad, treats in hand, with a smile on their faces.

Besides students eating cookies under colorful maple trees between classes...
There have also been frequent campus tours lately.
A few of my younger friends have come to visit during these dates to see my school's campus, and I encourage you to do the same!
Come see what UNC Asheville is all about - especially times like these when the beauty is only augmented.

As the leaves change their colors and transition to a new part of the year, I believe we should too, and absorb the relaxation it presents - especially here in the mountains. 


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