A Thank You

A thank you to all you UNC Asheville students... 
for your repeated kindness. 

As we come to the end of the first semester, the kind actions of fellow students still does not cease to amaze me. 
Time and time again... 

It's understandable for you to hold the door open for a person directly behind you, it's another when they are at least 6 feet behind! 
But they still hold the door open. 

This week though was a new level of kindness. 
Tuesday and Thursday as I walked back to my room while jumbling my keys, a noodle bowl, spring rolls, and sauce with it... opening doors was an adventure.

But both days when I got to the Founders residence hall, people held both doors open for me. 
Thursday was the best case because another student was leaving the residence hall, but on his way out saw me attempting to hold everything, and he actually walked back and opened the doors for me!

Thank you so much! 

I'm curious to see how the manners of people are on other campuses... 
I like to assume the best in people. 
For instance though, people in my high school would hold the door open for you - but would not go out of their way to. 
I think this is the case in most places and Asheville is just an exception in the sense that there are those people here that will go out of their way to hold the door open for you, no matter how far away you are. 

My point here is that even the smallest actions of kindness can make a person's day. 
I know I may not always be aware of my surroundings, but I try to be - so that I can be that person holding the door open. 

So go out and be aware of who needs a helping hand.
That good karma will come back around one day. 


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