Got Meditation?

Root yourself in your life. 
Root yourself in this moment. 
Controlling your breathing is controlling your emotions. 

These yoga mantras from the instructor fill the room during "Deep Stretch" yoga class.
So many people overlook yoga as just something where you sit on a mat and think...
That is not the case.

Yoga not only engages your body, but also your mind - most likely in a way you would not have thought to if it were not for the class.

"Deep Stretch" yoga class on Monday and Wednesday nights is by far the most popular yoga class I have attended.
No less than 20 people show up to be enlightened in the ways of relaxing their mind and body for an hour.

We never realize how much tension we lock away in our bodies and minds, until we are forced to focus on them in yoga.
By addressing the problems, you are able to release them, and therefore feel infinitely better than when you first walked into the classroom.

I am not trying to "sell" yoga or anything like that.
I am simply encouraging you, as a reader, to try it.

Here at UNC Asheville there are countless yoga classes available, all with varying times, and all very different in their formatting.
For instance, you can attend something as calming as "Deep Stretch" or something as sweat-enducing as "Rock Your Asana."
I have tried most of the classes and can say that they are all very good, you just need to find what works best for you.

So there it is... my small challenge to you - go try yoga and appreciate UNC Asheville's love for it.


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