More Food

Just the other day my grandma came to visit me, and when she arrived she suggested we go grab a bite to eat.
She asked where we should go - and I was dumbstruck.
I had no clue.
I know there are tons of places close by: everything from Asian and Indian to breakfast all day... and that was the problem - so many options.

Therefore I did what any logical, problem-solving teenager would do...
I asked Siri on my iPhone where we should eat for lunch.

She pulled up about 20 options, all less than a few miles away.
I scrolled through the options and "Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company" caught my eye - there was somewhere I had not yet eaten.
Although it was just down the street, next to Bruegger's Bagels, and across the street from The Hop on Merrimon - I had not ventured there yet.

My grandma agreed that it sounded good, and we headed off.

I had only been to the restaurant once, for a school scavenger hunt where we had to ask what was a name of one of the beers they brewed there. (Yep, they brew their own beer.)

When you pull into the parking lot, you cannot help but gaze at the building... a metal silo type architecture feels appropriate for a pizza place in Asheville.
As you step inside, the Asheville laid-back vibe only continues as you see winding art decorations, such as a back-splash covered in album artwork, walls painted to make them look like bookshelves, and the list goes on and on.
Apparently there is also a movie theater in the back that you can see recent Hollywood releases for $3 on certain dates, such as "Ted" or "Bourne Legacy."
All of the movie times are posted online (

My grandma and I ordered the Philly cheesesteak and the Greek pizza.
I loved them both.

I would order the items again in a heartbeat.
But of course I would also love to venture out on the menu - with so many options, it will take awhile to try everything I want.
Tater tots, onion rings, chicken alfredo, too many versions of pizza to count, and more.

The best part though is that UNC Asheville students get a discount on pizzas.

A discount, proximity to campus, cheap movies, and great food make it all worth while.
If you have not yet made it down to try the food there - you need to... there has to be something on the menu that catches your eye.


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