More Than Batman

The event did not start until 7.
I may have gotten there unnecessarily early around 6:15, but hey - it was the executive producer of the "Batman" movies, Michael Uslan, and you could never be too sure.
As I stood in the lobby of Lipinsky, I scrolled through my Pinterest boards and looked for some "Batman" pins to get more excited.

Looking at me, you probably would not guess I had an inner geek side.
Most of my friends were surprised I wanted to go to the seminar in the first place.
But they surprised me when they said they would go too.
Turns out we all have that inner comic book nerd waiting to come out.

Long background story made short, my comic nerdiness comes from my dad.
I grew up in a house filled with comic books and their memorabilia.

So as I entered the auditorium to grab a good seat, I was prepared to absorb everything like a sponge to repeat to my dad.
Also, as a surprise to him, I was getting Michael Uslan's signature made out to him.

The lecture was great!
He talked about his life and how he got to where he is today.
As a freshman in college, I found his speech not only motivational and inspiring, but it really got me to think about everything... how he was able to just propel everything in his life by actions that he could have easily never taken.
But then we would not have the modern "Batman" movies.

After the lecture, I got my picture with him, and I got his signature.
I had him make the signature out to my dad, because I am such a great daughter...
It's a surprise that hopefully my dad will love.

The event was a hit in my opinion, and I thank Underdog Productions for putting it all together - they always have great events, from movie nights to guest speakers.

So I encourage everyone to go find that spark of motivation in their lives, whether it is a daily inspirational quote... or a speech made by the executive producer of the "Batman" movies, the bottom line is strive to do what you want in life!


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