It's Starting...

The exhibition game. 
The start of the season. 

You do not even have to like the sport to get pumped for UNC Asheville's basketball season.
You just have to have some school spirit... go to the games with friends, and if you are a student, you need to sit in the bulldog nation section for the full experience - the cheers, face paint... the whole atmosphere is fan crazy.
But all a good, enthusiastic fan crazy.

The emotions that ran through Kimmel Arena last night went off of this fan energy, even though it was only an exhibition game.
But all the cheering and hoping paid off as we beat the Brevard tornadoes 91 to 60.

At first I felt kind of bad as we continued to cheer for the bulldogs as we maintained our lead.
Then I realized this was it.

The moments where we cheered for every basket made, every dribble, every save...
Screaming "WE ARE ASHEVILLE!" or "GO BULLDOGS!" is what makes sitting in the student section that much more of an adrenaline rush.

This was the preparation we needed - especially as flashbacks of last year's Syracuse game ran through my mind...

Did Syracuse have pity?
Probably not...

So it was a good thing that we won the game, in order to build our team even more.
At the end of the game the announcers even played "Who Let The Dogs Out."
I bet Rocky was dancing in his mind...
The person in the Rocky mascot costume certainly was busting some moves.

Bulldog spirit! 

Hopefully all of this enthusiasm carries on... not only to the big game versus Western North Carolina on Friday, but also throughout the season!

Go Bulldogs!


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