Highsmith Union: First Floor

Although I have written several posts about various parts of the student union building here at UNC Asheville, I realized that I have not written much about the building itself.  Because Highsmith Union is such a big building, I decided to break it down by floor; this post is just about the first floor, which, coincidentally, is where you'll find the most student activity.  This level contains the bookstore (topic of a future post!), mailroom, game room, food court, art gallery, among others.  Many events for students are held on this floor, and there is a lot of traffic from students who cut through Highsmith Union to get to and from Founders Hall.  When I transferred to UNC Asheville, I was surprised to see how much the students utilize the student union building; it was a really pleasant change from my previous university, where students did not linger or socialize in the same way as they do here.  At UNC Asheville, you're sure to find someone you know when you go to Highsmith, so this building is a very popular spot for students to socialize and relax.  We also have a Redbox in Highsmith Union, which makes it even more popular for students interested in renting a movie that they cannot find in our library.  I took some pictures of the first level of this building to show what it has to offer.  Interested in learning more about Highsmith Union?  Check out the links at the end of this post or leave a comment!  
Views of Highsmith from Outside:

The game room is a very popular place to relax

Mail Room

Highsmith Union Gallery

Intercultural Center
Copy Center
We have an ATM on campus for students who cannot get to the bank

Highsmith Union Food Court and dining area



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