Playing In the Dirt

Today, I got to do an activity that I haven't done in a long time--gardening!  A friend invited me to meet the UNC Asheville Botanical Society, a group that works closely with the staff of the Botanical Gardens and UNC Asheville Facilities to make the area around our school beautiful.  This group began when a group of students, concerned with the glass they were finding in the stream by that Botanical Gardens, started to clean up the water.  Membership grew, and the group expanded its activities to include removing invasive species from the Gardens and planting a variety of greens around campus.  We met on Friday afternoon to do some light garden work near the Chancellor's house; for about an hour, we transplanted a number of plants to the hillside garden.  I had a wonderful time with the Society, and although I was pretty dirty by the time it was over, I felt relaxed and peaceful (something that can only be a good thing during exam week!).  The members of the Society are cool, fun students, and really deserve an award for all of the hard work they've done to make to help make our community beautiful.   


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    May 25, 2012 at 8:21 PM

    Great pictures, Inspirational people, Great story

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