Ramsey Library

Well folks, it's about that time of the semester again—exams are right around the corner and stress levels are swiftly rising.  In an act of superhuman self-control, I resisted the beautiful spring weather and went to the library to study today (rather than relaxing on the quad or going hiking, like so many of my friends have done this weekend).   Although the library is so busy during exam week, I still enjoy studying here because the environment is much more conducive to concentration and work than, say, my room.  While taking a break from studying, I took several pictures of the library to post on the blog for those of you who have never been inside, and want to know exactly what this building contains.  If you have any questions, as usual, please feel free to leave a comment! Study hard, everyone!!

Library Floor Plan

Main Level



Lower Level

(group study room)

Upper Level

(individual research rooms)


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