Last Day of Classes

Today was the last day of classes, which means several things.  First, the semester is about a week away from being over; summer is just around the corner (sweet).  Second, because the semester is wrapping up, we are about two days away from final exams (bitter).  But perhaps more important than either of these--with the end of the semester comes the annual "Last day of Class" celebration at Chancellor Anne Ponder's house.  This event, which ends the semester on a very positive note, is nothing short of awesome.  Several of my friends and I walked up to the Janice W. Brumit Pisgah House tonight to enjoy great food, live music, and conversation in her back yard.  Although this semester has been tough, and my exams will be trying to say the least, Chancellor Ponder's hospitality tonight (not to mention the delicious dinner I enjoyed) has given me new energy with which to face the final week of school.  We had a wonderful time tonight, and I cannot wait to go back next semester.

Chancellor Ponder and some of my friends
Rocky, the living counterpart to our Bulldogs mascot  (he is so cute!)

A view of the house from the road


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